Varied work

guest harborBrønnøy has a varied working life from marble to aquaculture, from data to farming, from the furniture workshop to traffic company, from sickroom to the classroom, from oil to the slaughterhouse, from . Agriculture is still a major industry in the municipality. Brønnøy has 30 km2 (2.9%) in agricultural operations (1.5% in Nordland and 3.2% in Norway). Production of milk and meat for the slaughterhouse and dairy (Sømna), trade and service. Significant areas are coniferous forests, especially in the inner part of the municipality. Otherwise dominate the woods. For several thousand years were the most well islander fish farmers. Still has nearly a hundred people fishing as a profession.


With eye on the past is an aquaculture industry in development. We have a helicopter base for the oil industry and stationed ambulance and ambulansechopper. Travel Life calls us Adventure Coast, Saga Coast or Coastal Route. You'll also find the national data repositories, Brønnøysund registers, with 500 employees.


Marble quarryIn Velfjord the marble operation and good opportunities for further operations. The bedrock in Brønnøy is from kambrosilur time and consists of mica schist, gneiss and some crystalline limestone, broken in several places through the high parties with granite and gabbro. The only undeveloped waterways are sealing the river and Øyrelva which is transmitted to the power station in Langfjorden. This catchment is 22.8 km2, the gross vertical drop is 255 m, and maximum performance is the 6.3 MW

Good transport is vital for business and industry, welfare and well-being. Brønnøysund have daily coastal port of call and a port with great opportunities. The city also has regional airport at 1200 meters (tot 1460 m.) There are around 20 movements per. days, including daily flights to Bodø and Trondheim. The municipality has ferjefri connection to E6 (from 1987), by fair Velfjord, Tosen and Tosentunnelen (5831 m). This rv76 is part of the "saga the way". Also "Coastal Route", Route 17, runs through the western parts of the municipality. Our Torghatten Trafikkselskap has well over 1,000 employees nationwide.

Employed distributed by industry:


Farms on Trælnes* Primary: 7.1% in Brønnøy (13.5 in Nordland and 9% in Norway)

* IMG_2651Sekundærnæring: 16% in Brønnøy (19.7% in Nordland and 24.1% in Norway)

* Tertiary Units: 76.9% in Brønnøy (66.8% in Nordland and 66.3% in Norway

Employed distributed by sector:

* Public sector: 41.3% in Brønnøy (37% in Nordland and 32% in Norway

* Private sector and public enterprises: 58.7 in Brønnøy (63% in Nordland and 67.3% in Norway)

Work Life characterized otherwise by Brønnøysunds function as a regional administrative and educational center, as trade and communications center. Brønnøy municipality is still the region's biggest workplace. Nordland County Council's presence is shown through Brønnøysund high school. In Brønnøy are plenty of empty land and 77.7% of dwellings built after 1961 (71.1% in Nordland and 66.9% in Norway). People have found "wealth" and the food here in ten thousand years. And here we will still stay!

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