Rich boating life

Brønnøysunds harbor by nightBut first and foremost Brønnøysund many associate with the sea and boating. The natural conditions have been there at all times, and now discovered by more and more. The increase in leisure boat traffic in recent years, one can safely call explosive. In Brønnøysund encourages a relaxed atmosphere.


The well-known northern Norwegian hospitality meets you already when the port assistant receives mooring your tub. Here is all the way to have a pleasant tours. Peaceful and quiet, but vibrant NOK for those who want it, just as it is mentioned.

Hire rafting in BrønnøysundIn the summer there's also plenty of Brønnøysund. The unique archipelago is Brønnøy Varangians preferably like to emphasize, but the municipality also consists of cultural, inland water fish, salmon students, and mountains.


The Lord has a way compressed the Norwegian countryside and placed it here in Brønnøy - midway along the Norwegian coast.

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