Proximity characterize Brønnøy municipality, proximity between the citizens. closeness to nature. And not least to the rest of the world.



Brønnøysund Airport is located 2 km southeast of Brønnøysund center. The airport has 22 daily movements by air to the north and south, 35 min. of Trondheim and 45 minutes to Bodø.


Country Host Communications

Brønnøysund has connected a connection to E6 through Tosenvegen (CG 76). Road National road 17 runs through the municipality. The region has a well-developed communications network that makes it possible to dagpendle to the regional center. There are daily bus services to Sandnessjøen, Mosjoen, and Grong Namsos and daily freight routes to Trondheim, Namsos and Mosjoen. Local terminal company, with 25 cars, t have transport across Europe


Under the auspices Wed is a municipality of Vega linked to the regional center with fast-running ship. The routes are tailored to day commute to Brønnøysund and the rest of the grid. In sea routs communication out of the region's coastal express a key factor with daily arrivals in the north and south. Brønnøysund Copenhagen location, right in the inner hovedled, makes it a port of call essential.

Norway's geographic center is located two kilometers south of Brønnøysund
"Coastal Kaia" - a term in Brønnøysund - here southbound on.

Costal liner




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