Brønnøy name

Brønnøy name has for centuries been linked to the ecclesiastical and legal system in our district. Name the first paragraph shall come from the Old Norse / Old Norwegian "brunnr", which means "fountain" or "source". In Brønnøysund it is in fact a number of such sources or springs. We have names like "Dr source" and "Source Route". The name "Brønnøy" are several places along the coast (Asker, Skåtøy, Vikna, and Hellingvær and more), and had the function that the sailors knew that on these islands were drinkingwater. Another explanation for the name has been brown islands.


Name the second paragraph of "island" comes from the time when Brønnøy was a real island. When the water went over Salhus numb, both high and low tide. Around 1840, when the water just went over the neck of the tide, there was talking of digging a channel between the sound and Trælvikosen to facilitate boat traffic, unless this was done. From 1850 we expect Brønnøysund as connected, and by today's Statoil station and Rema-shop has been refill more and more mass. Today stands out Brønnøysund as a long shank or a peninsula.


Brønnøy have in 7-800 years been a unifying concept, albeit with a varying geographical distribution and with a different spelling. In 1334 was written Brønnøy "Brunney". From Presidency Act comes into force in 1838 and until today has Brønnøy (Brønnø) existed continuously as a municipality name. In 1875, Velfjord separated as its own municipality, in 1900, Vik, and in 1923 Brønnøysund. These municipalities were again merged in 1964 under the name Brønnøy.
We see from the debate about the name choice in 1963 that the municipality name Sømna received the greatest support with 30 of 68 votes, while Brønnøy got only 22 of 68 votes. About the delegates regretted them, or whether it was the Ministry that saved the municipality name Brønnøy to be unwritten. Before the merger in 1964 the municipality had again been named Brønnøy. Still, 40 years later, is the name Brønnøy very strongly with a wide frequency of use in writing and speech.

In 2001 came a request to Brønnøy municipality with desire regarding " consultative vote the municipality's name." Initiator lodged several arguments that Brønnøysund should be the new municipal projects. Changes of social structure, such as communications, can change people's attitudes to a place. A place name may also eventually be a site name.

Brønnøysund its importance as a center has been strengthened since 1963. Identity-bearing tendencies - such as population increase, airport, Brønnøysundregistrene, investment in tourism, recognition of the name via the television weather reports, and general centralization tendencies - allows a greater proportion of the population most likely to identify with Brønnøysund. Also the marketing of the municipality, it may be easier to use only one name, that which is best known outside the region.
In historical relationg Brønnøysund has not been any area name.

Brønnøysund has primarily been a "narrow" in which sailors had a short distance to the water. And Brønnøy or Brønnøysund have been church in 7-800 years and the seat of Brønnøy pastor and his family of ten "(as it is written from the year 1701). At the end of the 1800s grew the village and forth Brønnøysund was a separate municipality in 1923. When the name of the municipality should be discussed before the merger of four municipalities in 1964, had Brønnøysund only 15 of 68 votes (even if it were 21 representatives from Brønnøysund who attended the joint meeting).


In the case assessment is that: Should city name should be chosen so that also have a clear symbolic value and that the focus is put on the center's good qualities in interaction with its surroundings. It should probably be mentioned that the three other regional centers in Helgeland also has a different name for the town and municipality. Based on this, it can be both an objective reason to choose the name Brønnøysund, but as previously mentioned - there are also a number of reasons to keep the municipality name Brønnøy. Good municipality's name can be unifying and identity-bearing, but the name can also arouse anger and division.

Brønnøy municipal council discussed the matter on 19.06.2002, (k.sak 59/02). The following decision was unanimously taken: "1 Brønnøy municipality does not change the municipality name now. 2. The case is sent not to the referendum now ". Part of the rationale was that a name change should have a certain duration. The debate on kommunestruktur was being planned did not provide such a probable duration. Out of this was Brønnøy municipal still happy with the municipality name we have. Any debate about the name can be left to the time and its needs.

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