Brønnøy Church

Brønnøy church is very old. It was built round about 1200. The brandt after a lightning strike in 1866, but was rebuilt in 1870. But now it looks almost new. The church has just been restored.
The largest changes Brønnøysund Church is that it has been cross shape back. It is a hovedskip from west to east, ogto aisles motsør to north.
It is an old tradition that enty should be in the west and the altar in the east. In the east, the sun is up and reminds us that Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday.

The font was in the old days by enty to show that baptism was the entrance to the church.
The interior is called the ship. It reminds us that life is a journey. Baptism is the beginning of life in the church, and the altar, we Communion is a foretaste of the heavenly meal.
In the newly restored church, we also have a side altar. Above it hangs a crucifix which is the oldest we have. It's from before the Reformation.
In the church we have two organ.



Nøstvik Church
Velfjord Church (Nøstvik Church) set up by the timber. It was completed in 1674, the King Christian the 5's reign. Bishop of Trondheim Pin it once was Erik Pontoppidan those. The church is located at Sørfjorden.
In the same place was the former church, 'Nøstvigens Korshus', which was a church. The location was well chosen in terms of the then main means of transport: boat.




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