Torghatten - This hill is renowned for its distinctive hole piercing straight through the hillside. You really get the sense of man’s inferiority to nature when you walk through the 160 metre long, 35 metre high and 15-20 metre wide hole, created thousands of years ago by the sea’s erosion. The hill is 15 km from Brønnøysund.

Skarsåsen Fortress
Skarsåsen Fortress 5 km south-east of Brønnøysund is a German coastal fortress from the Second World War. Trenches and tunnels lead underground from the four large cannon sites. There are also many local defence sites and the remains of 11 barracks, as well as a cannon and searchlight. Today Skarsåsen is a beautiful area combining overview and insight into local and world-wide history.


- a local cultural and political centre for 1,000 years. Said to be the site of most of South Helge-land’s historical attractions from various eras. You can visit a ruined church and a pagan place of worship, soldierls quarters from the Viking period, market place and Hildur’s Herb Garden. Hlidur s Herb Garden,northern Norway’s only ~herb garden and vineyard, satisfies both body and soul. Historical finds from the Viking penid take centre stage in the farm’s history.


Velfjord village museum
Velfjord village museum «Minnetun» in Strøm is near road no. 76, 4 km west of Hommelstø. The site was opened in 1953 andconsists of a large collection of buildings and objects from Velfjord, with a special collection of objects from the Southern Sami people. Open Monday to Friday: 13.00 -16.00,
Sunday: 15.00 -19.00.


Cave paintings - in the Skaren-Monsen
MonsholaCave paintings - in the Skaren-Monsen caves 6 km south of Brønnøysund. The paintings consist of 5 animal figures painted in red colouring (hematite) on the east wall at the end of the 120 metre long cave. The paint-ings are 4-5000 years old. During the spring melt there are often avalanches in this area, and people are warned against climbing to the cave at this time. The steep climb up to the cave opening takes approx. 30 minutes. Guides can be arranged.

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