Brønnøy community

Part of brønnøysundNorway's geographic midpoint Norway Geographic Surveying has found out that it is as long from Brønnøysund - North Cape as Brønnøysund - Lindesnes, 840kilometer. During the coast today, Friday unveiled State Secretary Vidar Ulriksen pot that marks this.


Brønnøysund coastal town in the middle of Norway - between Lindesnes and North Cape - and is located in Brønnøy municipality south of Nordland. Brønnøy borders Grane and Vefsn in the east and ocean to the west. Brønnøysundregistrene is one of the cornerstone companies with their well 550 employees.


Brønnøysund is an idyllic small town in the meeting between land and sea and has for centuries played the role of a central and important port on the Helgeland.


The origin of the name came from the many wells / springs that seafarers were useful. The town grew up around the year 1900 and today has approximately 5,000 inhabitants. Throughout Brønnøy municipality, which also consists of Veifjord, staying there about 7500 people.


The archipelago is unique with its 13,000 islands, islets and reefs and is ideal for experiences related to the sea; fishing, boat trips, strolls on the shore and long sandy beaches. Also a magnificent and unspoilt inland natural deadlines for shorter or longer hiking, hunting and fishing.


From Brønnøysunds harborBrønnøysund is a modern town with an attractive guest marina, port calls by the Hurtigruten, airport and a well-developed services. On the following pages you will find information on sights, arts and crafts, activities and much more. Brønnøysund have also free parking throughout the city. Destination Helgeland as, the tourist office in Brønnøysund, happy to help you with tips and information, tel 75 01 80 00


Hommeslstø is a village situated approx. 4 mil from Brønnøysund. Tradition
al industries are agriculture, forestry and fishing. In recent years it's started up Marble Engine, both underground and open pit, which provides many jobs.

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